We all want our skin to clear up and expose its natural color. The pollution and the sun are continuously settling dirt-layers on our skin. And the regular chore of skin cleansing and face wash too fail in removing the polluted layer entirely. Therefore, you are left with a dull looking skin which isn’t fit to expose your organic pure color.

The natural clean and glowing skin gets covered with various skin issues. Hyperpigmentation is one of the common problems with your skin which scars your face and hides the beauty underneath. And who doesn’t want to get their dirt-free and acne-free clear skin back? However, in this article, I present you the best skin lightening cream that is actually effective. Your tanned and, therefore, dark skin is easy to attend to. Also, all your complaints will be the events of the past.

But, before introducing the supreme product, let me throw some light on the ingredients that you should look for and some other aspects as well. Since you must know your product well, I present you with all the necessary aspects needed to educate a person on skin products. Hence, read to know the prior things and only then go for the product that I declare the supreme skin lightening cream for dark skin. You can also check if the prior aspects that I mention are present in the product.

You must know the Ingredients in Skin Lightening Cream 

Sorting through the section of products that claim to lighten your skin, you must not yield to the front side beauty but turn the thing to read the ingredients section. The beauty is in its content and not the things it claims on the front. So, know the things which you want in your bottle!

1. Vitamin C

This is, as you know, a fundamental content that is present in all skin lightening products. The benefits that it renders are huge and hence are very effective in repairing your skin. It performs as a powerful antioxidant which cleanses your skin and purifies the skin pores. Thereby, this activity of the content lets your skin breathe. Also, it is a powerful collagen builder which stimulates the elasticity of your lovely skin. Thus, its anti-aging property defends your skin from withering since it works to treat wrinkles and therefore makes it glowing. Vitamin C develops the strength of the skin and assists in shielding it from dirt and pollution. And of course, the prime job that it does religiously is the lightening of the skin. All the major aspects that Vitamin C renders eventually propagate to make your skin clear and therefore lighten your face.

Also, this ingredient is the safest like few others that I will discuss. Your skin gets the most from this content only.

2. Alpha-Arbutin

Alpha-arbutin is another organic skin lightening ingredient. The bearberry plant leaves bear the content and used for skincare. An amount of 1 to 2% of alpha-arbutin is incorporated in skincare products. The presence of this makes a product beat its rivals and stand out as the most effective skin lightening product. However, the component functions by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzymes of the skin.

3. Kojic Acid

A malted-rice by-product, kojic acid is essentially an organic skin brightening and lightening agent present in skincare products. This makes the notorious enzyme that produces melanin unavailable. Thus, this halts the further pigmentation in your skin while it works to lighten and heal the damaged skin.

4. Niacinamide

Niacinamide is popular in the realm of skincare because of its magical activities. Otherwise known as Pro-vitamin B3, the element niacinamide is essentially an antioxidant and acne fighter. Also, it maintains a balance in sebum and is a ceramide booster. These properties cater to the lightening of the skin gradually. Also, these basic functions of niacinamide help to restore the skin nutrients and lightens as well as brightens.

5. Azelaic Acid

Azelaic is renowned for its potential to calm rosacea which is a chronic redness leading to too much irritation. A powerful skin lightening element present in creams, azelaic acid clears up your skin and exposes the beauty you are within.

These are the prime ingredients most of which must be present in the product that you choose. A careful analysis before taking home the best that you think is extremely necessary. You don’t want to complain further about a cream which doesn’t work as it promises, right? Hence, research!

Best Skin Lightening Cream: Meladerm Skin Whitening Cream by Civant

Best Skin Lightening Cream

Now that you know what the best skin lightening cream for dark skin requires, you can proceed to pick the best. If you find it hectic and time-consuming for selecting one for yourself, you can rely on my choice. I handpick all products for you after thorough and dedicated research.

The Meladerm is a product by Civant which is an effective lightener that tackles all skin problems easily. As a top product, the Meladerm treats hyper-pigmentation as well as scars diminishing them entirely. It basically treats all the aspects that hide your natural clear skin. Your polluted and darkened skin needs something absolute for repairing your skin. If you apply it religiously and are consistent in its application, the product brings you the desired results promptly. The regular chore in applying the cream makes you restore the natural glow and whitens your skin. You notice the results eventually and after a certain period of time, your skin manifests its natural healthy color.

Within a couple of weeks, the Meladerm yields incredible results. The initial days of usage make your face moisturized. Also, it feeds you with the nutrients that your skin lacks and hence augments your skin’s natural luster. After certain days, you will notice the skin issues vanish away gradually. Continue its use until the last day of the second week to find an absolutely cleansed skin.

How Does the Meladerm Work?

As I discussed, the cream is the best skin lightening cream for dark skin as it attends to your tan prone polluted face effectively. The product is filled with essential active ingredients that are mild but strong enough to yield quick results. Your face doesn’t lose anything but gains primary nutrients that your skin longs for. Thereby, the darkness metamorphs into a lighter tone manifesting the authentic tone that you actually have.

The pigmentation reduces immensely and deploys a healthy complexion evenly throughout your skin. Hence, this is one of the best to buy if your skin troubles you in this way. However, you must also learn about the packaging and the application of the product. So, hold on!

How to Apply the Meladerm by Civant?

Now, this is an extremely simple thing. Fix a time on which you plan to apply it regularly. Remember, do not skip or else you may yield delayed results. However, you can apply the cream in the morning, if you plan to stay at home. If not, which is usually the case, you must resort to the dark nights’ magic to heal your skin!

After you arrive home, rinse your hands and then proceed to clean your face thoroughly. Use a dry towel to dry up your wet face. After that, take a blob of the cream generously and then apply evenly on your damaged skin. Or else you can do the same before going to bed and leave the entire night to heal the ruin.

Religious use and application yield you better and quicker results. Hence, maintain consistency in applying the product.

Product and Package Types

If this is what you want, you can place an order and purchase it online! But, let me educate you on the different kinds of packing it arrives in. Three kinds of packaging are available for the Meladerm. You can choose from a 4 piece kit, an entire 5 piece kit, and from a single bottle which weighs 1.07oz.

Pros: Why Must you Buy This?

Refer to the entire above portion of this article, in case you’ve skipped. That is to point out the pros of the Meladerm. However, as discussed, the product beats all other similar creams claiming to deliver similar services. It contains everything natural and organic so there is no harm. Side-effects are not its thing which leads you to easily make the final pick. It diminishes scars, hyperpigmentation, blemishes and age spots entirely.

Now, you can heal your tanned skin with the best skin lightening product that caters to all your issues and complaints. Such is the strength of it and leaves a soft and supple skin behind.

Cons: Why Musn’t you Buy This?

The sole reason which you must halt and think before you get a hold on this piece is the price of it. Yes, you don’t get the best for cheap. But, I assure you that it is worth your investment. The natural ingredients aim to emphasize the dullness in order to cleanse the skin entirely. Thereby, you tend to lighten your face and boost confidence eventually.

Customer Reviews

The Meladerm by Civant is renowned for its effective results. The customers all over the world bear positive feedback online. The product has several favorable reviews by the buyers. The users rate it high and invite others to buy it in the review section itself! Hence, this is one great product which gives arresting results.

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