A dewy makeup or a natural look with visible freckles is incomplete without noticeable-but-real eyelashes. No, I’m afraid, turning to extensions doesn’t help to keep it real. So, fix your regular appointment with the Rodan and Fields Lash boost serum.

What is Rodan and Fields Lash Boost?

Rodan & Fields, LLC or R + F is a celebrated American multi-level marketing organization manufacturing skincare merchandises. The brand shares its name with the producers of Proactive, the popular skin product. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, two renowned dermatologists are the sole manufacturers.

Their eyelash booster serum falls under the Enhancements section which involves other skin and body care products. Its name is the Enhancements Lash Boost and this serum targets your lashes conditioning them to appear full, long and healthy. Also, you get the results that you long for in a few weeks only!

How does the Rodan and Fields Enhancements work?

The Enhancements lash boost is every makeup and beauty gurus’ recommendation for beautiful lashes. It treats them in a certain way that the lashes actually begin to grow organically. It holds clinical evidence in bringing the notable changes into view. Thereby, the lash boost serum increases the volume of your lashes and makes your eyes look more open and prettier.

Rodan and fields lash boost

The serum is a product of a combination of keratin and biotin which are peptides to enhance eyelash nourishment. The serum maintains the follicles and provides for its healthy sustenance. You can also apply this to your eyebrows thereby making use of it dually. The serum absorbs into the upper eye lines’ skin and activates the sources which augment the eye hair growth. However, the key ingredients include water, butylene glycol, keratin, biotin, allantoin, panthenol, pumpkin seed extracts, sweet almond fruit extracts, fruit cell culture extract, xanthan gum, glycerin, sorbic acid, and others.

The butylene glycol is an alcohol solvent which is oil-dissolving to support viscosity. Hydroxyethyl cellulose, an organic thickener that tends to balance the oil and water mixture. The keratin, the material of your hair and nails, is the protein extracted from wool, horns, and nails. And this component attends to condition your hair. Also, the biotin reduces hair loss and hence it stabilizes the hair fall regulation. If you are worried about moisture loss, panthenol exists to look after it. It holds the moisture to your hair. Thus all these components make the hair growth effective and efficient as well. Thereby leading to your complete satisfaction.

How to Use the Enhancements Lash Boost?

Now, over to the usage notes. Read the step-by-step application process to achieve the lashes of your dream. Take notes!

  1. Apply at night.
  2. Remove your makeup at night. And then, cleanse your face. Ensure to completely clean and dry your eyelashes.
  3. Then, apply the Enhancement lash boost by Rodan and Fields along the upper lash lines. Soak the brush once for each eye and wipe out any excess amount from the brush before application.
  4. After that, make sure to wipe away excess product from lashes or eyelids gently. Do not attempt to wash your eye immediately after use which rinses away the product.
  5. Then, wait for the serum to dry up which takes about 90 seconds before going to sleep. If you use any eye cream, make sure to apply after the Rodan and Fields lash boost serum dries up entirely.

However, ensure that you don’t apply the serum on your lower eye lines. That is because, while sleeping the serum on the upper line spreads to the lower counterpart and works just as equally. Also, if irritation or redness appears after 24 hours of applying, take the hint that it doesn’t suit you. But, I suggest you try using it in little amounts for the skin to adjust to it.


Religiously apply the Enhancements lash boost Rodan and Fields and you get fuller, longer and lush eyelashes in just about a few weeks. In return, you get the desired effects on your lashes. Within a minimum of 4 weeks, you start catching the visible effects. I suggest you continue using the serum for at least 8 weeks, an ideal period of time. The product brings out the entire health potential of your eyelashes with every use all throughout the time it takes.

The Side-Effects

The Enhancement lash boost is essentially a cosmetic manufactured by two renowned dermatologists, Dr. Rodan, and Dr. Fields. Therefore, it is clinically tested. But, a certain ingredient might render unwanted changes. The isopropyl cloprostenate may potentially give rise to side-effects as ocular irritation, iris color change, ocular inflammation, and hyperemia. Right below are the probable side-effects.

  1. Irritation: Since the product is something to apply extremely close to your eyes, irritation and uneasiness may happen with direct contact. However, rinsing your eyes with plain water is enough to wash away the product as well as the irritation.
  2. Redness/Tingling: Some might experience redness, tingling, and soreness. Now, this might occur due to hypersensitive skin. But, this passes since the skin swiftly adjusts to the serum.
  3. Darkening: The lash boost may potentially darken the lash hair due to the presence of its certain ingredients.

The Lash Boost Cost

The Enhancement lash boost costs pretty well given its effectiveness since the best things don’t come cheap! Still, I suggest you take it home and stick through the application routine. Then, I might find you suggesting it to the rest. Such is the power of the lash boost Rodan and Fields.


  • It is a two-in-one product, applicable for eyebrows as well
  • Provides nourishment to the follicles
  • It is extremely easy to apply


  • The price is quite high
  • May cause temporary side-effects

Customer Reviews: Does it Actually Work?

The lash boost Rodan and Fields reviews are positive and the users swear by its convenient high effectiveness. The customers are confident and all around are their feedback regarding how the serum has altered their lives. Yes, some reported that this enhancement boosted their confidence along with their eyelashes. And hence, it brings change.

I expect this article of Rodan and Fields lash boost review to meet your queries. And hope this article is detailed enough for you to decide.

FAQ’s on the Use of Rodan and Lash Boost

Can my teenage kids use Lash Boost?
Presenting the views of Rodan + Fields, I would say It is helpful to consult a doctor before you decide to wear the Lash Boost. If your age falls below 18, then it is recommended to be under discussion.

Can I use Lash Boost while wearing my contact lenses?
When you take a look at the product’s website, you will find that the Lash Boost is necessarily an ophthalmologist-tested product, easily available in the market. And because of that, you can wear Lash Boost while wearing contact lenses. It will protect your eyes from irritation and make you feel like you are wearing nothing. Moreover, here you have to be cautious while applying the contact lenses and make sure you do not remove them until the product you are using is completely dried up. For that, I would recommend you to wait for at least 90 seconds so that it can dry and then, you can wear the contact lenses.

What should I do if Lash Boost unexpectedly gets into my eyes?
At times, it happens that the Lash Boost unexpectedly makes its way into your eyes. Though it should not happen, you can make your way out through this by giving your eyes a nice rinse using cool water soon after it gets into your eyes.

Can I apply Lash Boost on eyebrows?
Yes, definitely. The Lash Boost allows you to use it on eyebrows. Better yet, it helps to enhance their appearance as well.

What happens when I miss a day of using Lash Boost?
It is highly suggested to use Lash Boost on a daily basis. Besides, it is preferred that you use it before going to the bed so that you get the best results. Moreover, if you forget to use it for a day or maybe two, you don’t have to fret about the result much and you can continue using it regularly from now on.

How frequently should I apply Enhancements Lash Boost?
Preferably, you should use it once a day. Also, you should apply the Lash Boost before going to bed to get the desired results soon.

How do I use Enhancements Lash Boosts with my regimen?
To use the Enhancements Lash Boosts with a regimen, first, make sure you remove your makeup. To get the clearer skin, you can use the REDEFINE Eye Cloths as well. After that, it is advised to clean your face with the help of Rodan + Fields Regimen Wash. Also, ensure that you clean your eyes completely and make it dry. One it is done, you can use the ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost. While applying the ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost, you can have a look at the instructions given. After you use the Lash Boost, you need to wait for a moment. At least 90 seconds after you apply the Lash Boost, you can proceed to the next step and use the remaining Rodan + Fields Regimen.

What results should I expect with Enhancements Lash Boost?
For the results, some of the users report that they really experienced lashes that grew longer. Besides, they found a change in the thickness after using the product for only 4 weeks. Therefore, you can continue applying the product for an even longer period to get the best effect of this product.

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