A golden tan lets you show off the healthy shine of your skin. The beautiful sun-kissed body at the beach is just what you want. Also, an even tan makes you look chic, elegant, and attractive as well. Now, choose any attire and you’ll look just as charming. And for that, you require a tanning lotion. The contents of the tanning lotion are, essentially, oils for shielding your skin. The lotion alternative is a wise choice over a sun-tan since there are no chances for your skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays.

How do you Determine the Best Tanning Lotion?

As a beginner in the tanning realm, the various options of the procedure may be overwhelming to you. The several alternative ways that tanning lotions are available in are the tingle lotions, cooling lotions, bronzers, shimmering lotions, intensifiers, accelerators, and maximizers.

However, the two essential sections of these lotions are Bronzers and Tinglers. The tinglers render a heating sensation which stimulates blood flow to increase and deploy to your skin thereby accelerating sun-tan. Now, only a few are able to tolerate such a sensation while others are not.

The bronzers have moisturizers that shield the skin thereby ensuring proper moisture retention. This alternative presents a glowing effect to your skin. There exist multiple brands that claim to render an advanced tan. But, you must choose wisely.

The bronzers help to darken the tan. Also, the enhanced glow is constant on your skin. Your skin is supple and thoroughly conditioned thereby providing consistency in color throughout your entire body.

How to Differentiate Between Tanning Products?

There is frequent confusion between products of tanning namely Sun Block and Safe Tanners. It is extremely necessary to distinguish them in order to perceive where they must be used. You must apply the Sunblock only when you sun-tan and not with tanning beds. And that is because it can potentially damage the acrylic that is in the interior of a tanning bed.

Whereas Fake Tan is a bronzer species that enhance your look by presenting a golden glow that easily washes off during your shower.

Checklist: How to Pick the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion?

There are certain milestones which help you determine the best indoor tanning lotion. And if you prefer indoor care over the outdoor option, you must refer to the underlying points that I make. Adhering to these instructions strictly lead you to receive the best tanning lotion.

1. The Formulation

It is mandatory for remarkable Indoor tanning lotions to hold 95% of UVA and 5% of UVB. And this statistics enables to yield maximum outcome from the UV ray exposure.

2. Opt for Organic Ingredients

Organic elements are a better choice over inorganic ones. When sorting through tanning products, you must inspect the ingredients section very well. Study the section and look for elements such as Vitamins, Mineral Herb extracts, Natural Oils, Aloe Vera, as well as Anti-Oxidants.

3. Hydration

A proper hydrating aspect is what you must seek in a product for tanning. The prime function of such elements is to check dry skin as well as skin cracking whilst tanning. The great moisture content ensures smoothness and firmness to your skin thereby performing as a protective shield against extreme heat and light to your skin.

4. Fragrance

The lotion must hold a pleasant fragrance and properties that are anti-bacterial in character. This keeps away unpleasant odor after a successful tanning session.

5. Tan-Augmenting Properties

The tan augmenting elements in the tanning lotion intend to enhance the color which renders an even shine and glow. Hence, you must look out for that.

Tips and Precaution for Indoor Tanning

Pick an indoor tanning product wisely. You, obviously, do not want to overdo anything since the main idea is to shield and protect your design. A check on your application is a must along with learning your limits. You must not burn yourself in tanning beds hoping to get a full tan. It, in fact, crushes the purpose.

A subtle and gentle glowing tan is the exact amount you require for a glamorous look. Also, pick from the popular brands. Luxury items are always the best to choose since they hold premium care elements and advanced technology which provides better tanning in all aspects.

Tips for Indoor Tanning

If you desire a consistent tan all throughout your body and one which stays for a prolonged period of time, you must adhere to certain little tricks. There are certain indoor tips that you must follow to ensure the best tanning experience. I mention certain significant tricks below which you must refer.

Protect Your Eyes: There are certain prior precautions that you must take. These essential checks help you to protect yourself in several ways. The eyes are one of the most prior ones you must consider protecting. And for this, just a simple pair of sunglasses or merely closing your eyes won’t help in any way.

You must employ certain eyewear that is specially crafted for tanning sessions. Your eyelids are sheer enough to let UV light penetrate into thereby damaging the cornea and the retina as well. The tanning goggles can shield you.

Protect Your Lips: Similar to the eyes, you have your lips to take care of. You must protect such sensitive areas of your body for a safe indoor tan. Apply a balm of SPF 15 before stepping in to get tanned.

Moisturize Your Skin: Your skin requires moisture to hold the tan for longer. If done on dry skin, it flakes off and the tan vanishes within a short period of time. And this is when the lotions come in handy. They hold moisture and care for your skin as well.

Avoid Overexposure: During the session avoids overexposure strictly. At times, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the pigmentation to be apparent. Hence, wait for at least a couple of days before you head over for a second session. Or else, you might over tan yourself.

How does Outdoor Tanning Lotion Actually Work?

Enjoy the beautiful suntan all the time you stay out at the beach. But, sometimes you find that the sun fails to give an even tan on all sides. For that, you must use the lotions that are dedicated to present you with one. Also, it fastens the tanning process. Thus, you need a tanning lotion for pleasant outdoor baking.

There are several kinds of tanning lotions suitable for different skin. They include for dry skin, oily ones as well as for sensitive counterparts. And when you are out, dermatologists suggest you apply a tanning product which holds sunblock properties. Such products protect along with providing a prompt tanning session.

Benefits of Outdoor Tanning Lotion

Outdoor tanning, with proper protection, has numerous benefits and is enough to convince you about the outdoor alternative. First and probably the major benefit is the Vitamin D that you receive from the sun. It kind of takes you back to the time when you used to run free and wild in the sun during your childhood. Absorbing the Vitamin D in a good amount while at it.

Now, you can get the same as well. But your skin needs the right amount of shielding from the harmful UV rays. A tanning lotion that holds a sunblock is a significant and prior thing that you must apply before thinking about a proper tan to absorb. Also, the best outdoor tanning lotions moisturize your skin, thereby ensuring longer retention of oil and, eventually, the color.

The outdoor tanning lotions, as said earlier, also help in augmenting the tanning process in a short time. Besides, it encompasses several skincare aspects while at it. Thus, the best outdoor tanning lotions work.

Indoor Tanning Lotions Vs Outdoor Tanning Lotions

Two different kinds of tanning lotions exist and they are typically polar opposites: the indoor and the outdoor alternative. The best indoor tanning lotions are crafted especially for executing the tanning process indoors. They enhance the trigger your body’s organic tanning process.

However, what distinguishes indoor tanning lotions from the outdoor alternatives is that they render a special aspect. They grant your skin pores to open up and increase the UV exposure which, in turn, fastens the tanning procedure easily.

The skin conditioning is essential but is often skipped. Now, tanning is a procedure that is organic and comes naturally but sometimes the skin faces certain issues. And that is because of improper tanning because the skin lacked certain nutrients and prior care to the tanning process.

Hence, with the proper food for your skin, you can attain the beautiful golden tan you longed for. Indoor alternatives contain vitamins, minerals, natural oils, anti-oxidants, aloe vera along with organic botanical derivatives. Also, the extra moisture is evenly distributed for an even tan. Thus, the indoor tanning lotion renders the initial care before you proceed with the tanning sessions.

While the outdoor tanning option leaves you the traditional means to get a tan but in a slightly different way. The outdoor alternative lets you move freely so you can hit the wind, sand and the sun. This makes your skin lively thereby rejecting the paleness in your skin which demands a change.

Accordingly, you must go out with the prior protection and hence turn to the best outdoor tanning lotions. This alternative renders a different kind of care that you require if you opt for the outdoor option to tan your skin to turn it into a golden one.

How to Use Outdoor Tanning Lotion

The outdoor tanning lotions or accelerators must be evenly applied all over the body which you plan to expose under sun’s UV rays. They are extremely simple to use since you just apply the contents throughout your body before you lay down for a proper suntan. These products boost the tanning pace with the initial defense from the harmful effects.

2 Best Tanning Lotions: Every Women Need for their Face and Body

When opting for a tan, you must pick the popular and sophisticated brands. As I said earlier, the sophisticated brands contain premium elements that deliver you the best performance only. Hence, I present two of the best products by Millenium which, as you know, has a huge hold over the market when tanning is the question.

The brand has earned its fame by developing products that give you excellent ways to tan. Also, the product design makes them distinct from the remaining competitors. Their catchy names and artfully strong designs make customers spare some time looking at it as well.

Thus, the interesting packaging itself is sufficient to convince people to take them home. That is not all since the content is yet to please you further. However, you must take a look at the two best tanning products that I mention below in details.

Millenium Tanning Paint It Black:

Best Tanning Lotion

The Paint It Black by Millenium is proficient in producing a smooth skin that you get from the intense combination of silicone emulsifiers. Besides the obvious, the product takes its users to experience an advanced tanning procedure with the best outcome.

Unlike other products, the Paint It Black fulfills whatever it promises its customers before buying. The social media pages on the internet are abundant of this buzz. Yes, the pictures of those using it are left with comments asking about their tanning options.

The perfect finish and solid color leave them awestruck and eventually taking the item home! All over the internet, the product holds positive reviews and several comments lay around suggesting others to rely on it blindfolded. Thus, the wise marketing technique which involves customers’ favorable and positive feedback plays on their side. And we are definitely ‘buying’ it.

The product itself shouts its 50X auto-darkening technology for a desirable tan. The Silicone Emulsion Blend gives a silky, smooth and soft finish to your skin. Also, the product is durable, that is, the striking dark tan stays and so does the ultra moisturization effect throughout the day. Now, over to what else it does.

The Paint It Black accelerates the tanning process thereby leaving a golden effect. Other actions encompass the bronzing and firming of the skin. And finally, you don’t have to worry about the fragrance part since they’ve got that covered as well. You experience a clean and fresh cotton blossom fragrance.

How to Use?

If you demand a long-term tan, you must indulge in a committed tanning process because the Paint It Black does not maintain long-term results. Also, if you opt to alter your look to a golden attractive beauty at the event you are invited, a romantic date or homecoming, you can easily go for it.

The major selling reason is the product’s ultimate shade which is 50 times darker. Now, this signifies that you can change from the white beauty to an attractive and appealing dark lady. Thus, you don’t require the tanning salons neither do you lie down for long under the sun.

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer:

Best Tanning Lotions

The Solid Bronzer which Millenium presents isn’t just some mediocre solution. The product has a unique consistency which lets the content speed evenly. Also, the texture is non-greasy which ensures a smooth and non-sticky feel.

The product bears a pleasant orchid fragrance which leaves you feeling fresh. You experience a natural scent that your body gives off after your tanning session.

Similar to the Paint It Black, the Solid Black Bronzer also bears the auto-darkening technology. The ultra-advanced silicone bronzer content makes the product surpass all other similar tanning products. It is a beautiful and wise craft of technology.

The Solid Black is a smart blend of extreme bronzers along with ultra moisturizers to darken your tan even more. Also, the contents exclude paraben. Apart from the main function that it performs, the Solid Black also revitalizes, nourishes, hydrates, and boosts your skin’s elasticity. All this apart from providing the best organic-looking dark skin with an even deployment of the tan.

Similar to the other Millenium products the Solid Black Bronzer packaging too has an intense artful design. The interesting bottle alone is capable of attracting the buyers’ eyes. The product further satisfies the users with its fantastic results.

How to Use?

The Millenium Solid Black Bronzer disperses properly and evenly on the skin. Also, it is extremely easy for you to apply it. The product dries up promptly which, in turn, lets you enter the tanning bed quickly. You must apply the bronze lotion and wait for it to soak in your skin. You even see pigmentation forming on your skin since it works quick.

So, this is all about tanning lotion. If you are planning to get some color, then go for it. But don’t forget the safety measures either.

FAQ’s on the Use of Millenium Tanning Lotions

Does this product have a strong scent?
This product does have fragrance, but it is not that strong. Overall, it gives you a very balanced scent.

Is this product authentic?
Absolutely this is. All of our products are genuine and authentic and you can rely on them.

Is it safe to apply the cream on your face?
Yes, it is completely safe to apply the product on the face. You just have to make sure that you do not over tan your skin.

How long does the tan normally last?
It depends on how long you tan your skin. Moreover, if you keep tanning at a bay or tan only a day in a week, the tan will wash off. However, you have to apply the product on a regular basis as instructed.

Is this product for tanning bed only or can it be used outdoors too?
The product is not only helpful for tanning bed only, but also you can use it outdoors. It helps to give you an equally good result.

Is there any sign of tingle in this scream?
No, you won’t be able to find the presence tingle in this cream.

Can I use this as regular suntan lotion outside or only for a tanning bed?
You can use this particular product for both regular suntan lotion and merely for the tanning bed. The product works well for both the cases.

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