Not just summer. Yes, your skin demands protection during the winter too! Don’t do the mistake of taking the winter sun as loving for too long, as it can tan your skin quicker than it does during summer. Of course, the winter light is pleasant but that does not cancel the fact that the rays still possess the harmful UV rays. So, where do you go now? No worries, I’m here to provide the solution to it. Shield your skin from the treacherous rays, in this article, I present the best face sunscreen for acne prone skin. The product gets your problems covered so pack your bags for vacay and don’t shy away from the sun.

I know that sunscreens are the major aggravating factors of oil in your skin which are the nemesis to sensitive skin. But, with the right products specially formulated for your skin, you can combat any breakouts!

Before moving on to the best product for your vulnerable skin, you must do some research for yourself too. You must learn the procedure one must go through to pick the supreme product. I suggest this because of the fact that you must know what you feed your skin. Hence, stick-through and note how you should pick the right product.

How to handpick the Best Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin?

As earlier, I would say again that you must know what you are trusting your skin with. Blind reliance on a particular brand’s promising words is obsolete. Now, awareness is what counts and when it comes to your skin, you must always take prior precautions. In this case, the initial precaution is thorough research which fetches you the best product you want. However, let me provide an absolute guide to choose the best sunscreen for sensitive acne prone skin. Now, there are multiple factors that you must consider for sensitive as well as oily skin. Read on and note the underlying significant factors to handpick the best sunscreen for oily acne prone skin.

A Non-Comedogenic and Oil-Free Product

The basic aspect that you must consider for a skin type which is vulnerable to acne is an oil-free material. Products which are oil-free help to keep your skin feeling smooth and you don’t feel any stickiness. Apart from that, you should also check the non-comedogenic aspect of a product. This signifies that the cream doesn’t contain elements notorious for clogging skin pores. Also, do not apply sunscreen on your face that is formulated for the body. I suggest you avoid this because the texture of the creams is generally thicker, greasy as well as heavier. Using such kinds may aggravate breakouts even more.

Fluids, Sprays, and Gels: Oily-skin Friends

For normal to dry skin, lotions, and creams claiming to protect your face leaving a slight oily effect is great for skin types which are normal to dry. But, what about the oily-type ones? Yes, they need some special attention when it comes to picking a product. The ingredients formulated for the dry skinned people are poles apart from the elements created for the oily and sensitive folks. A product that is prompt enough to absorb into the skin is something that everyone desires. But, is an essential trait in sunscreen for oily acne prone skin.

Lightweight sheer fluids and lotions make you happier. Also, sunscreen gels’ aqueous features settle entirely into your skin. You can apply them even in places in your body like scalp. And yes, you burn your scalp too when you are outside under the sun. But, your hair does not feel the grease at all. Such is the subtleness of sunscreen gels.

Sprays, like gels and fluids, are extremely lightweight too. But, it bears a single caveat that requires you to apply a generous amount for proper protection. Continue spraying until you notice a glistening effect. Then, apply evenly with fingers to ensure that the product spread evenly.

Broad Spectrum Protection

When you come across a product, be sure to pick one that says Broad Protection. Such an aspect shields you from UVA as well as UVB rays. Such rays which burn and tan contribute plenty in damaging the skin. And there exist only a few sunscreens that cater to such harmful effects that appear on your skin. The rays, as you know, cause skin damages including aging. So, you must shield and protect your lovely skin from further acne breakouts.

An SPF 30 or Higher

Now, choose an SPF wisely. And breaking the myth, it doesn’t indicate that the higher the SPF, the better the protection. In fact, it signifies something different. The longer you stay under the sun, the higher the SPF you must use. But, when you head out, at least, use a product that possesses an SPF of 30. Make that a basic since the lower ones are mild. You can apply the milder ones and head out for short term purposes. However, remember to use the creams every day even if it’s cloudy and you have to head to run errands.

Keep away from Oxybenzone and PABA: Sensitive Skin Care

For sensitive skin, prone to eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, you must abstain from certain elements. Elements like PABA and oxybenzone that are present in most sunscreens. Actually, for the sensitive ones, they perform as irritants. Hence, switch to organic sunscreens which are the safest. And the active ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide replace the former ones that I just mentioned. They are comparatively less irritating than the PABA and the oxybenzone contents.

How are Sunscreens Beneficial?

The answer to this is pretty obvious and hence I’m compelled to present the cliche statement that they guard your skin defending it from the serious harmful effects of the sun. But, I write about this separately to give you a detailed idea stating certain facts which most overlook and therefore forget. Also, sunscreens bear several other benefits besides protection alone. Thus, they get their skin burnt easily.

You must not confine the use of sunscreens to summer only. Extend its application to other seasons as well. Doesn’t matter if it is winter, windy or wet! Now, apart from protection, the products emphasize and treat other skin damages. Primarily a protection shield, the best sunscreen for sensitive acne prone skin caters to problems like blotchiness and pigmentation. Also, it prevents certain aspects that can potentially damage your skin forever. It saves you from tanning, premature aging, prevents measures that save you from skin cancer risks and augments your skin’s health. Also, it is always an impressive makeup base. Your face appears flawless on the sun and beneath is a layer of protection.

That said, you must use sunscreens every day if you plan to set out. And again, don’t think that the sun becomes mild during winter. In fact, it turns treacherous!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Face & Body Melt-In Sunscreen Milk – The Best Face Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin

Best Sunscreen for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Having presented a detailed picture as to how sunscreens can be of your help, let me now draw your attention to the best of all. If you plan to initiate research on your own, the way I discussed, and pick which you think is the best, go for it. But, if you follow a tight schedule, and fall short on time, you can refer to my choice. After meticulous research into several products and their customer reviews, I handpick the best sunscreen for sensitive acne prone skin. After picking up, I used it and tested it for several weeks. I’ll discuss the results at the end of the article after you get to know about the product.

L’Oreal’s La Roche-Posay possesses a pharmaceutical genealogy that is based in France. The brand declares their thermal spring water as the foundation of skin care. The name, in fact, is borrowed from the French town that is the source of the product’s water. The brand, however, holds plenty of popular sophisticated products that range from anti-aging to sunscreen. However, let us retreat to the product’s description.

The Anthelios 60 is a synergistic blend of high efficacy solar filters as well as of strong anti-oxidants to shield your skin well. The quick absorbent property and the non-greasy milk render an SPF of 60 along with broad-spectrum protection. The advanced filtration method of the Anthelios 60 is a distinctive association of sunscreens that are photostabilized. Also, the protection shield lasts very long. Senna Alata, a strong anti-oxidant complex, is a tropical leaf incorporated into the sunscreen is extremely effective in defending the skin cells.

Such effective is the action of the La Roche-Posay. And hence, I declare it the best sunscreen for oily acne prone skin!

How is it for Swimming and Surfing?

Your entire body stays safe and shielded with the product. Also, you can use it before anywhere you go, any actions you do! Swimming and surfing sound great too. It is highly water resistant but only for 80 minutes. Apply it evenly o your face and body and hit the water without fear! The water-resistant aspect keeps on working to protect.

While surfing, you get the best results! But, the 80 minutes time must be within your mind! Also, you tend to sweat less. That means, your sweat isn’t patchy.

What Customer thinks about this Product?

The product is greeted with positive feedbacks all over the internet! Yes, most have found results within a few weeks only. The cream is a great product since it settles in your skin without leaving any spot untreated. Also, your face feels light. Eventually, with regular use, people receive the outcome they longed for. Gradually, the cream treats the acne and spots leaving a smooth fresh skin!

About my experience with the product, I say that it is one of the best. Just the melt-in aspect isn’t that impressive is what I can say. But, caters to all your areas impressively. It actually renders just the amount of melting that is necessary. And the remaining excess keeps the skin moisturized which most sunscreen for acne treatment skips. Hence, grab it since this one is a keeper!

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