When it comes to treating acne, your skin demands something absolute. In this context, salicylic acid is one of the best remedies you must turn to. Your acne-filled skin shouts for nourishment and care which this plant-based acid promises to give you. A botanical harvest, the salicylic acid is a white willow tree extract.

It is an ingredient that aims to balance your skin tone as well as evenly maintain the nutrients. It is safe to call it the best alternative to anti-acne products. Also, most youths with such skin complication find it a viable source to attend to their painful outbreaks. With prompt action, the element targets the afflicted areas, soothing and calming them down. Hence, this is a miracle product that people with oily and sensitive skin seek.

Now, I know what bothers you. The word Acid, right? Well, let me tell you that this acid is a mild one and is ‘gentle’ on your skin. Also, the acidic aspect is what your severe acne-filled skin requires. With this, you can cut down on the pain as it celebrates its success in removing acne effectively.

The component leaves the dirt and toxin-filled pores clean as it disintegrates oily skin cells. Thereby, it treats both white and blackheads along with acne. Therefore, if your skin is susceptible to acne, the salicylic acid cleanser is appropriate for it. Also, it maintains the essential balance of oil and other nutrients which, in turn, keeps acne from reappearing.

Such carefully effective is the contribution of salicylic acid’s presence in your face wash. Hence, you must be picky when it comes to the face washes for combatting acne. And I guide you, in this article, how to select the best salicylic acid face wash by yourself.

What are the Benefits of Salicylic Acid Face Wash

If you happen to fight acne in your early teens or even in your young adulthood, chances are that you came across the name salicylic acid wash. You might have either used it or heard your next door neighbor suggest it for you.

This is a species of beta-hydroxy acid which is derived from the bark of willow tree. The barks’ powder form goes under several processes. Yes, it receives the antioxidant chemicals treatment which is refined to produce the acid.

However, let me tell you on the numerous benefits that salicylic acid holds for your skin. With this, you eliminate your irrational fear to employ salicylic acid for your face.

Excellent Exfoliator: Its essential function is deep exfoliation. The acid dissolves dead as well as flaky skin. It also removes dirt, grime, and other toxins from both the surface as well as deep pores. Thereby, the component is successful in waking up your skin and freshening it as well. Your face appears brighter from the first wash itself.

Combats Acne: This is the prime reason I suggest the salicylic face wash. The acne-fighting aspect that the best face wash with salicylic acid possesses is very intense. It promises to eliminate acne with prompt results beginning with the initial washes itself.

The immense pain on your skin due to the severe acne problems soon vanish. It attends the excess oil and toxin junks that sit tight dedicatedly targetting the areas properly. Not just that, the solution also prevents the breakouts to appear ever again.

Attends to Acne Scars and Reduces Blemishes: Now, most anti-acne face washes only emphasize on eliminating the uprisings. But, just attending to your acne won’t help since the scars that it leaves behind turn permanent if you don’t treat them. Then, in the long run, the marks not only remind you of your acne-filled face but also lets your new companions learn about your skin’s history as well.

That isn’t an issue, of course, but it might curb your confidence. However, the salicylic acid does not do the work half-heartedly. Even after eliminating your acne and eczema problems entirely, it continues to function further to eradicate the scars and blemishes as well. Thus, you receive the utmost satisfaction.

Unclogs Pores: Of the numerous benefits of the acid, the increase in oil circulation is a major one. It consistently even oils unto the skin uniformly. Thus, it does not eradicate the entire organic oils that your skin holds.

However, it is precise enough to pull out the dirt, grime, excess oils, and other toxins out of your pores. Hence, it unclogs the pores and prevents further accumulation of oil which leads to acne formation.

Eradicates Excess Oil: The salicylic acid separates fatty acid compounds, the skin’s sebum, for instance, or the natural oils. Eliminating such roots and sources for oil production enables the solution to work both effectively and efficiently in oil removal.

Removes Wrinkles: Apart from attending to your acne, the beta-hydroxy acid is also capable of reducing the lines that determine your age. Yes, wrinkles are what I’m talking about. And this aspect only proves its multi-beneficial side. The solution is quick in repairing the damage of the skin, and hence, the ingredient is also incorporated into several anti-aging products.

Loosens Stubborn Blackheads: While the acid engages in opening out pores and washing out grimes and dirt, it also loosens blackheads at the same time. After several washes, the blackheads tend to come out easily which then lets you rinse off these tough ones.

Now, this is an aspect, which most face washes claiming to remove acne don’t attend to since it is pretty difficult to reach those places. But, the salicylic acid has a way of attending to the blackheads.

No Skin Inflammation: All the treatment may potentially cause reddening in some cases, to which the ingredient acts as an antiseptic. It is responsible to calm down and soothe the redness and inflammation if any. Also, it relaxes your skin of sunburns. And this aspect prevents acne and eczema-like uprisings away.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Salicylic Face Wash

You cannot just ask the retailers and grab any product they show. They might claim it’s salicylic content but chances are that they are wrong. Also, it is not just the content you must look for but ensure other essential matters as well.

Hence, do your research properly before you set out to buy. Underlying are certain matters you must consider for proper and thorough research. Have a look.

1. Skin Type

First and foremost, consider your skin. Your skin type must be compatible with the product you use. You definitely do not want too much dryness or irritation. And to dodge that, you must select according to your skin type.

If you have a dry skin type, you must seek the ones which contain oil. Don’t worry, the presence of oil in anti-acne products aims to maintain a certain amount of moisture that the dry skin lacks. It clears off the toxins and eliminates acne yet maintaining a balance of moisture.

For oily and sensitive skin, you must search for a product that exfoliates deeply but is aware of retaining the natural oils of your skin. Complete eradication of the organic oils is capable of making matters worse. Hence, choose wisely.

2. Product Type

For treating acne, make sure to look for the products which help in cell renewal, exfoliation and oil regulation. Products with creamy textures or even milk-based ones are effective for dry skin. Whereas you can regulate the overproduction of sebum in oily skin by choosing a product that contains only the necessary amount of oil for natural moisture retention.

3. Ingredients

Now, let us emphasize the ingredients section of the product you want to bring home. By the article’s title, you might have guessed what I’d be stressing on. Yes, the salicylic component. The salicylic acid possesses numerous benefits in removing acne and eczema-alike uprisings.

This beta-hydroxy acid engages all its action towards exfoliating and eliminating acne and its irritation permanently. Hence, you must make sure that the product you pick contains salicylic acid in it and is an active ingredient.

Solutions ranging from 0.5% to 2% of the beta-hydroxy acid must be your main parameter to judge. Also, be careful if you currently take medications for treating your severe acne. I warn you because the solution might conflict with your regular medication.

Apart from that, another key ingredient that I suggest you must seek is the Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Lauryl Sulfate performs active and deep cleansing along with softening the skin. It is a versatile element which encompasses multiple non-volatile alcohols.

Essentially a surfactant, you can also employ this in conditioning your skin. You can use products with lauryl sulfate content as an emulsifier or as a solvent as well.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser: For Oily, Dry and Combination Skin

Best Salicylic Acid Cleanser

La Roche-Posay Effaclar medicated Gel Cleanser is one of the distinctive products that ensure full eradication of acne and complete care for your skin. If you follow the steps above properly that guides you to purchase the one, you must either select this, or it crossed your mind at least thrice. If that is the case, then you were careful enough.

Also, if you prefer to not beat the bush since you are tight on schedule, you can easily skip to this section. However, after diligent research and investing quite a lot of time, I found La Roche-Posay Effaclar the best of all. I state its job in details and hence stick through.

The signature aspect of La Roche-Posay is that it engages its elements to work at night. Its overnight treatment works magic! Read along and expect some convenience.

How Does it Work?

Salicylic Acid Wash

La Roche-Posay targets and attends extra oil that floats across your skin. And oil in such amount is the major aspect for stimulating your skin to produce acne and eczema. Hence, it washes out the oil thereby destroying acne and its painful tolerance. Also, I don’t think you fear the acidic aspect anymore for the beneficial side that you know now.

However, in case the irrational fear manifests again, let me tell you that is a favorite recommendation of the dermatologists since it is clinically tested. The salicylic content is 2% in it which helps in effective evacuation of your skin pores of grime, oil, and dirt.

It employs its mildness in exfoliating the skin and thereby evacuates the bacteria and germs that stick to your skin. The micro-exfoliating agent, Lipo Hydroxy acid which is one of the contents in La Roche-Posay Effaclar, helps eliminate regular impurities that trickle down your pores every day.

Also, like the salicylic acid, it is effective in regulating and monitoring oil deployment along with removing excess oil. You have a matte look but with the essential natural oils since La Roche-Posay removes about 47% of surface oil. The product falls under the dermatologists’ prescription and hence is medicated. So, no worries! Skin experts are on its side as well.

This face wash with salicylic acid is one of the best products for oily and dry skin. The excess oil reduction is what it focuses on. However, to apply you must cleanse your face with La Roche-Posay Effaclar twice daily.

Once in the morning after bath and again before hitting the bed. Employ your fingertips in the application process and do it in a circular motion. Do not linger near eyes. And after you cleanse, make sure to pat dry with a soft towel.

Potential Side-Effects of Salicylic Acid for Acne Treatments

Now, it is time to focus on the potentially harsh side. For any skin product, you must note that it depends on your skin type. I clearly mentioned that it is a product mainly for dry and oily skin. If you desire to use it for your sensitive skin, you must commence with caution.

Also, sometimes even if your skin type is compatible with the product, it tends to redden or itch. Now, that is totally up to your individual skin since few encounter irritation and redness. Some get pimples for a few days. Thus, it depends upon our skin’s tolerance.

What Customer thinks About this Product? 

Dermatologists prescribe La Roche-Posay for they are an effective medication. Users, online, say that this is a must-try face wash and that it is a holy grail item indeed. Large pimples around the chin area, to be specific, vanish after regular use. Some say that this product was a ‘derm recommendation’ and that they wished to know it earlier for it works magic.

FAQ’s on the Use of La Roche-Posay Gel Cleanser

Can I use this product as a facial cleanser in the shower?
No doubt you can. The product allows you to use it as a cleanser in the shower. Here, you can make your face wet using warm water. Note that you should apply the product on your face using the circular motions. This way, it will help you to achieve the best of this product. After that, you can rinse the cream from your face with warm water and make it dry. With this, you can get the smooth and youthful skin by using the product as a facial cleanser.

Does this cleanser foam up?
Yes, absolutely. This product does foam up.

Does this product support acne scars?
After using the product on a regular basis, you will realize that the product is really helpful for acne scars. Besides, it helps to increase the complexion of your skin. Moreover, you have to use the product following the proper instruction and within a mentioned period, you will see the difference.

Does this product have any fragrance?
Yes, this product has a little fragrance.

Does this product support in reducing the signs of black-headed pores on the face?
Yes, this product does help in reducing the signs of black-headed pores. Since the product is created with Salicylic acid, it helps to defend your skin from the unwanted blackheads and other skin problems.

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