You probably pay sufficient attention to your face. In fact, at times, more than needed. And most men just dodge the concept of cleaning their whole body altogether. Unfortunately, cleansing only the exposed parts doesn’t help in washing your entire body. Similar to your face, your body gets dirty as well. It accumulates sweat and even after a bath, it persists.

Not as much the sweat but its residue stays. That is because your bath session isn’t proper and your bar soap isn’t effective enough. The grit and grime that sits tight in your skin, eventually, gives birth to skin diseases. And to counter those circumstances, you must employ the best mens body wash that removes all the dirt from the core.

Men’s skin is generally tougher than the female’s. And using a general body wash isn’t as viable than applying the one specially designed for you. The excess stagnant oil or even its residue and the subtle pungent smell that releases after few hours of bathing all vanish.

That is possible only when you switch to the right product that is more effective. They proficiently tackle your man-sized messes regardless of the toughest job you do. For your everyday dirt, filth and dust accumulation, I list the 4 best men’s body washes that accept every challenge you throw at them.

But, before that, you must know certain fundamentals about body washes. It is better to know about your products before you plan to buy one. Hence, I enclose a few brief information on its benefits and how to choose from an ocean of options.

Body Wash VS Bar Soap: Know the Difference

Well, if you have to pick one, then body wash it is. There are a lot of aspects of both bar soap and body washes that you must take into consideration. Body washes are superior to any other alternative of it. Bar soaps tend to make your skin dry and the sodium hydroxide content in them makes it have a bad rap.

Also, this is the reason you should never employ bar soaps unto your face. Most bar soaps do clean but leaving a dryness on your entire body. Also, you cannot totally trust a bar soap with the deep-cleansing aspect.

In general, it is more convenient for you to just squirt out your product than apply a bar soap on your body. Also, this checks the hygienic aspect. You do not want to use the soap which bears your last washes dirt. Of course, you wash that away but does it really go?

Hence, the body wash is best in all aspects. Also, the products are formulated with premium ingredients that work up to clean and remove dirt that lies deep within your pores.

Organic VS Inorganic Body Wash

You know well that it is the Organic one which every dermatologist suggest. And that is all because of the healthy side it bears. With fewer side-effects, mostly negligible, you gain the desired skin that is free from dirt and other toxins despite the polluted air and harsh environmental conditions.

Whereas the inorganic counterparts, certainly provide the same freshness but you never know what it does once it reaches beneath the skin. The possibilities for side-effects increase and in the long run may lead to skin problems. Hence, the organic elements extracted from nature itself are what I suggest you must rely on.

5 Things to Consider Before You Pick the Best Body Wash For Men

If you want to be a wise judge in order to pick the product which suits your skin as well as your budget, you must consider a few things. Things which ensure the best possible care and protection to your skin. If you skip the points that mark a good body wash for all men, then you are sure to end up disappointed and with complaints. And you definitely do not want that. Hence, I guide you to make the pick provided you follow the underlying details. Taking such things into consideration qualifies your product to be with you.

1. The Type

There are certain types of body washes for dry skin according to their texture and the base they are made up of. Shower gel, moisturizing body washes, and exfoliating body washes are the three broad variations. The shower gels bear a lower detergent level than shampoos and are formulated for the skin. They are highly effective in eliminating toxins and impurities from your skin.

Next enters the Moisturizing body wash. Now, this kind is what I prefer since you get the stubborn dirt away from deep pores along with sufficient moisture. These hold a slightly higher oil and petroleum level and the texture is creamy. Unlike the shower gel, it’s texture is opaque. The cream based products thus succeed in moisturizing your entire body.

Finally, comes the exfoliating body counterparts. They are characteristically grittier than the others. And this texture helps in effective exfoliation thereby removing dead skin cells entirely.

2. The Ingredients You Must Look For

Now, comes the main section. There are certain elements that you must make note of and make sure are present in the bottle. You must know what you are using so that you don’t stay in the dark. If you don’t consider the proper ingredients’ presence, you might as well use any product that claims to be a body wash formulated for you. Jokes apart, you must feed your body with the essential nutrients that it craves for. Now, note the points that I suggest.

You must seek a product that has moisturizing agents and stress on this point more if you have dry skin. Sometimes, it happens that after you exit the bath you feel an uneasy tightness. That happens because of the wrong body wash you used while bathing. This makes the skin prone to dirt attraction and also makes your skin wrinkle up quicker. Hence, look for moisturizing agents like petroleum and oils.

Now while you read the ingredients, you must also note the few elements that you must avoid. The harmful agents like sodium lauryl sulfate as well as ammonium lauryl sulfate irritate the eyes. They trouble the scalp along with the hair follicles.

The Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, which abbreviates to AOS, and other components like the Sodium and Olefin Sulfate are some chemicals that bear meager amounts of the benzene toxin. Hence, be cautious about these along with DEA agents such as Cocamide DEA, carcinogens that potentially makes users susceptible to cancer.

3. The Skin Type

Judging the outer ones won’t help if you don’t take your skin type into consideration. When you know what your skin type requires, you can easily cancel out on the other options.

If your skin is naturally sensitive you must seek for body washes that have moisturizing agents. Also, your sensitive skin demands a product free from fragrances as well as dye. Reverting back to the moisture part, glycerine helps in proper moisture retention. Hence, look out for that.

If your skin is dry, you must stay away from coarse detergents and seek products which incline towards moisturizing. Look for shea butter as an ingredient as it is a distinctive moisturizer. Also, you can rely on a creamier formula.

4. Natural Fragrances Only

A soothing and mild fragrance relaxes your skin and maintains the freshness throughout the day. But, be cautious and only sort from essential oils and halt the use of any artificial ones.

5. Shelf Life Matters

Select and pick the one which bears a long shelf life at least extending up to 18 months. Of course, it may not last that long but you definitely won’t use it keeping huge intervals in between. Even if you do, your product stays fresh and retains the same effectiveness for long. And you can use it even after a huge gap. This satisfies you of the investment.

Best Moisturizing Body Washes For Men

This section includes the best men’s body wash for dry skin. You can choose your product as per your needs, but if you are tight on time, here are the ones I suggest for your dry skin. Carefully analyze them and make the final pick.

Oleavine Body WashBest Mens Body Wash

The Oleavine is a medicated organic body wash. The tea tree oil derivatives is an effective agent that cures your skin problems and soothes it. This is also formulated for both hands and feet as well.

Also, the antiseptic agent eliminates bacteria and as well as prevents it from returning back. The product attends to your severe skin problems, such as fungus along with jock itch. It bears several herbal oils which retain the moisture in your skin. The Oleavine also acts as a shield on your skin. Thereby, it protects as well as eliminates.

Dove Men + Care Body Wash

Best Body Wash for Dry Skin

The most popular of brands, the Dove Men + Care body wash is one of the best moisturizing body wash for men. This is a product specially crafted for men’s dry and rough skin. Its mild-yet-strong content is dermatologists’ favorite recommendation.

The micro-moisture technology moisturizes and revitalizes your skin. The product also ensures to not leave behind any greasy-like residue behind. The moisturizing agents promise to keep skin issues away. Also, the fragrance is refreshing and leaves you feeling clean and rejuvenated. Your skin retains moisturized along with the soothing and fresh fragrance.


Burt’s Bees Body WashBest Moisturizing Body Wash for Men

The Burt’s Bees is well-known for manufacturing the most eco-friendly products. They take pride in producing the hygienic-most products which include their body washes too. The product includes citrus, cypress as well as fir which render an earthly as well as woodsy fragrance. That said, it does not bear heavy perfumes.

Also, the base is an organic vegetable soap which is extremely mild on your skin. But this mildness does not compensate on the strong functions it renders.


Everyone Soap For Every Man

Best Body Washes for Men

Now, this is a product which is highly convenient for you. You can use this in 3 ways, as a shampoo, body wash as well as a shaving gel. The product holds organic ingredients, such as organic aloe, Vitamin E and coconut-derived cleansers.

The formulation excludes parabens which is great news for all. Also, the fragrance holds an essential oil scent with a woodsy cedar and citrus. The scent also has agents of vitalizing sage and verbena along with refreshing lemon as well as cucumber. Now, use it as you wish.


Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Smoothing Oil-to-Foam Body CleanserBody Washes for Men

The Kiehl’s Creme de Corps metamorphs into a gentle and light foam to deeply cleanse your skin. Thereby, it nourishes with the nutrients that you require leaving it soft and very smooth. It bears sufficient cleansing castor oil.

The formula forms a rich lather to rinse and clean the skin leaving it supple and entirely moisturized. It propagates lightly scented and decadent notes of vanilla as well as almond. The silky elements cover the body in a delightful sensation.

Are they Formulated to Apply on Face too?

Well, body washes are not formulated for the face. The face skin is more soft and sensitive than the rest of the body. The men’s body wash is strong and therefore targets the part which needs sufficient care. The face needs high maintenance along with a special product that is mainly for your facial area. Hence, I suggest you stick to your body, hands, and feet and leave the skin for some other product.

Customer Reviews of Best Body Wash for Dry Skin

The products present in this article are reliable enough. After dedicated research, I lay the best moisturizing body wash in front of you. Sort through any of them if you choose to pick any from the already researched list. Or else, if you want to find one all by yourself, you should stick to the ways I mentioned.

All the products have a strong and positive review online. Their moisture-lock formulation wins customers’ hearts and makes the majority of the sale. Some say that they receive results from the first wash while others admire the fragrance that they give off. Overall the feedbacks are green, so there you go.

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