Mitigating the effect of our daily hectic schedule, everyone wants to revamp their fitness and nutrition routines. But what about refreshing your beauty. You might be rendering to new skin care products. But do you even know which types of products your skin actually need?  When it is about your skin then you must not compromise getting the best formula. You need a multi-colored solution that can create an even, uniform color to the complexion. At the same time, it must have the capability to cover flaws and, if required should be able to alter the natural skin tone. This is where foundations prove to be beneficial.

However, whether you have an oily, dry, or sensitive skin, choosing the right foundation can be tricky. It is not always an easy task. If you desire to cover those blemishes or prefer to a spot-free skin, then you need to find a long-lasting formula with all the beauty coverage. A full coverage foundation is a color correcting product to help even out discoloration in your skin. It will hide the redness, dullness as well as the sallowness by neutralizing any discoloration. It is designed for allowing the natural look of your skin to come out radiantly.

If all these sound rather complicated to you, then read this article. To end all your struggle, I went out of my way to discover the best foundation that can prove beneficial for all types of skin.

What to consider before applying Foundation?

Before I lead you to the best foundation for sensitive skin with acne, let us discuss on some of the probable points, that will eliminate the hassle. Further, you will be able to choose the right foundation according to your skin type and join the piece of the puzzle. You gain a countless number of formulas starting from tinted moisturizers to loose powders, which primarily differ in their texture and techniques of employing them. To embrace all these queries, here is a reasonable guide to assist you. Find your perfect match so that you can implement it like a pro.

Determine your Skin Quality

  • Examine Your Skin Tone  This is the primary information you must have before buying any kind of makeup product. You need to determine your skin tone whether you have a warmer skin tone or have cooler skin tones.
  • Examine Your Skin Colour There are several categories of skin colors ranging from fair, medium, olive, to dark. Often it is noted that people with identical skin color may have varying skin tones. Understanding your precise skin color can serve you in picking the right shades.
  • Picking The Foundation If you are on the way to pick the accurate foundation, then match your undertones. For example, if you have medium skin including a  yellowish skin tone, then you must choose a foundation with a tinge of yellow in it.

Types of Foundation Depending on their Consistency

Depending on the consistency of a foundation you get to encounter a vast array of products in the market. Take a glance at the most common types:

  1. Liquid Foundation: This is considered to be one of the oldest forms of foundations available in the market. It can be either water or oil based and the best thing about these liquid foundations is it’s really easy to use and blend.
  2. Tinted Moisturizers: These foundations act as a moisturizer, and contains tints to suit various skin tones. Unlike other similar products, they serve more than one purpose.  Most of the formulations are capable of providing hydration effect and at the same time can help to boost the overall skin complexion to a remarkable extent.
  3. Cream Foundation: These are generally regarded as a part of heavy foundations range that is formulated for rendering good skin coverage. A cream-based solution and that can blend quite easily and hiding the skin flaws. These are counted among the best foundation for dry sensitive skin as it adds enough moisture to the dry skin along with all these you get a dewy finish to the skin.
  4. Stick Foundation: If you want to gain maximum coverage then stick foundations can be your best choice. These foundations come in the form of a  stick and are usually thick in consistency. This particular product has been proven to be the best foundation for sensitive oily skin.
  5. Mousse Foundation: In the foundation arena, mousse foundations are gaining more popularity than ever. The best thing is that it provides a whipped cream-like consistency and can blend easily to a skin, being light in weight. You do not get caking on the lines and can be the best foundation for sensitive skin with acne. A light to medium coverage and can be ideal for everyday use.
  6. Powder Foundation: These products come in smooth and powdered form. You can easily apply to the skin. Be it dry or wet, this foundation suits perfectly according to the requirements. To gain maximum flexibility in the matter of coverage by absorbing the excess oil of the skin, it is the best foundation for dry sensitive skin as well as for oily skin.

How to Choose the Best Product Based on Skin Type?

Let us get to know the type of foundation you need based on your skin type.

  • Oily Skin: If you have oily skin then you need to use powder foundation that will give a matte finish, leaving you with a smooth, oil-free solution. You can also choose to get a mineral foundation that contains dry particles tend to absorb moisture. Get to know about a liquid powder foundation for lasting and shine-free wear.
  • Dry Skin: If your skin dries way too much then you must choose a hydrating powder foundation. You also get the option to choose between a liquid or a stick one, which have a creamy consistency. It delivers moisture to the skin and offers great coverage.
  • Combination Skin: If you are stuck in the worst of both worlds, with oily skin in some place, and dry in others then you must avoid formulations that are emollient or oil-rich. A perfectly designed foundation is what you need to get the right flawless skin, that not only hydrates and locks in moisture, but also suck out extra oil.
  • Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin and prone to acne that you must stay away from mineral oil and talc-based foundation. Along with that, it is best to avoid certain products such as alcohol and fragrance that act as a skin irritant.

Top Two Best Foundation for all Skin Type

There are various types of foundations available in the market from so many brands that it may leave you confused where to invest. Have you ever applied a Mac product and it has left you completely overwhelmed by all its formulations? To help you treat your skin with the top recommendable product, I have picked out top two foundations. If you are having a hard time to know what is worth paying for, then go through the next section.

M.A.C Studio Sculpt SPF 15 FoundationBest Foundation for Sensitive Skin

A gel-based foundation that offers a luxurious, creamy foundation with a natural satin finish.  It delivers ultimate hydration that can revitalize the look of dull and dry skin, instantly. It is indeed an innovative gel-based system that assists your skin to full buildable coverage. Incorporated with micronized silicone-coated pigments it can improve skin adherence. Further, the blending ability property helps to maintain color purity. Beside all these, you gain a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15.

How to Apply?

This product comfortably blends on all skin types but marketed as normal-dry and for mature skin. You can easily apply this on your face by using a makeup applicator such as a sponge or foundation brush. Apply the foundation on your face and blend with fingers or with the help of a  brush. The final result is a satin, flawless, blemish free skin.


  • This product lasts for a long period of time.
  • Along with color correction, you get a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 35.
  • It provides a stay true skin color experience and also hydrates dry skin.
  • Further, it is also water resistant.
  • Tested and certified by Dermatologist as well as Ophthalmologist.


  • It does not serve the purpose of hiding the fine lines.
  • A bit too pricey for regular use.

Customer Reviews

  1. On most of the online platform, this product gets a 4.5 out of 5 rating.
  2. Most of the users preferred this product and commented that they found this formula blended seamlessly across any skin texture. It is said to give a natural finish and medium to full coverage, based on the process of application.
  3. Some even said that they felt no fading or any kind of breakdown while applying it. However, they wished that it could even combat aging and fine lines.
  4. Users considered this product to be pricier but worth every penny spent as they get a sheen glow.  They even reported that one does not need concealer and still get a remarkable effect. Adding to all theses it renders a requisite amount of hydration to the skin, especially during winters.

M.A.C Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundationbest foundation for dry sensitive skin

The dewy-looking makeup is one of the most trendy things that has ever happened to people with oily skin.

This product adhere you with a tenacious waterproof formula. You can use it as a foundation or concealer and can be easily applied for an unprecedented 24 hours. Water won’t be able to budge this oil-free watertight product. It actually repels moisture from your face and renders you with medium to weightless coverage and a uniform satin finish.

How to Apply?

You can easily use this foundation as it is waterproof, it does not get any crease. Get flawless skin by applying it simply on to dark spots on your face. Then just blend with finger or you can use an applicator such as sponge or brush.


  • This product is water resistant and is non-transferable to other objects.
  • Counted among the long wearing and get a smudge-free look for at least 8 hours.
  • Get instant and long term hydration along with an oil-free look.
  • It stays true to its color and is non-acnegenic.
  • Furthermore, it is tested and certified by dermatologist and Ophthalmologist.


  • On certain skin tone, it often oxidizes.
  • A bit expensive but offers professionals finish.

Customer Reviews

  1. On most of the online marketing platform, this product gets a 4.4 out of 5 rating.
  2. Users were more than happy with this product as it allows one to feel comfortable in their own skin. However, it might seem a bit heavy in certain case but provides full coverage without the application of concealer.
  3. Some of the users recommended this lightweight foundation that provides medium coverage, with a matte finish. They said that one just needs a little amount to apply and get 8+ hours of blemish free skin tone, even in a humid climate.
  4. A few people also suggested that just using a stippling brush, this product renders a remarkable effect. It comprises of a perfect range of colors suitable for Indian skin tones, which was a primary choice for relying on this product.

Parting Words

If you are planning to get yourself any one of the products, then you must also get the right blending tools and sponges. Without the proper applicators, your precious makeup products will be of no good. Furthermore, it is highly advisable that you must not just walk into the store and make your purchases without even getting to know about the perks and cons. You can also get assistance from professionals, especially if you are a beginner in this field. At the end of this article, you will have a fair idea about picking the right foundation. Get going and order your best match today, from an online platform, that can impart that glow to your skin.

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